Modern dentistry offers patients more options than ever for achieving their ideal smiles. These options include several different methods of orthodontic treatment, from conventional metal braces to clear plastic retainers like the Invisalign® system.

Some patients must opt for braces due to the nature of their smile adjustments. For example, Invisalign® cannot correct extreme overbite, underbite, or crossbite issues.

However, patients who have the option of either conventional braces or Invisalign® retainers may wonder why they should go with one over the other. In this blog, we discuss seven reasons to choose Invisalign® instead of metal braces.

1. Ability to Practice Your Hobbies Normally

Many patients first enter orthodontic treatment during adolescence and while they are involved in extracurricular activities and sports. Unfortunately, conventional braces can affect the safety and comfort of certain hobbies.

For example, wind and brass instrument players can struggle to relearn their mouth positioning after they get braces. Additionally, athletes may have to deal with bulky mouthguards and a high risk of oral injury on the field.

With Invisalign®, patients can take the aligner out for band practice and keep it in for football without worrying about potential injuries.

2. Decreased Risk of Poor Oral Hygiene During Treatment

One of the most common issues with traditional orthodontic treatment is that patients often emerge with plaque buildup or even calcification on their teeth because they cannot thoroughly brush or floss around the brackets and wires.

Because Invisalign® retainers are removable, patients can continue to care for their teeth normally for the duration of treatment.

3. Discreet Appearance

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Invisalign® is its discreet appearance. Both teenage and adult patients may feel awkward or embarrassed about their braces, especially because braces have a tendency to collect food particles.

Invisalign® aligners look almost invisible, making them a subtle way to dramatically transform your smile over time.

4. Little to No Risk of Injury

While the mounted brackets and wires of conventional braces can move teeth fairly effectively, these harsh materials can also cause significant damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. Many patients spend days after each adjustment building up new scar tissue just so they can comfortably open and close their mouths.

Because Invisalign® retainers have only a single continuous upper edge, they have fewer abrasive surfaces. If this edge proves irritating, your orthodontist can typically file it slightly to give you absolute comfort.

5. No Need to Change Your Eating Habits

Because you cannot remove braces until treatment finishes, patients who undergo conventional orthodontic treatment must forego sticky, hard, and crunchy foods that could get underneath, stick to, or pull off brackets.

Invisalign® patients can take their retainers out to eat, so they do not have to avoid any foods during treatment.

6. Optimized Treatment Length

Orthodontists report that conventional braces treatment often takes up to five years to complete from start to finish. By comparison, Invisalign® is much shorter. Most Invisalign® patients switch over from alignment to maintenance within one to one and a half years.

7. Predictable Results Over the Entire Treatment

One of the technologies that often sets Invisalign® treatment offices apart from conventional orthodontist offices is that Invisalign® providers offer computerized predictions of the entire treatment process.

While some conventional orthodontists offer smile predictions, few offer step-by-step projections, and this service is not universal.

As you approach the beginning of your orthodontic treatment, consider all the reasons listed above why the Invisalign® system could be a better choice for you than conventional braces. Discuss your options with your dentist or orthodontist for personalized recommendations.

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