Crown & Bridges in Miami, FL

Teeth break down over time. It's just the nature of life, especially after decades of chewing tough food. If you find that your teeth have broken or become unusable, you'll want them fixed. How do you go about fixing a broken or chipped tooth?

Galloway Dental Care offers pristine and useful crowns and bridges to our community. Enjoy being able to smile in comfort and confidence. Our procedures will make the difference for your mouth.
Crown and Bridge — Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Miami, FL

Over 30 Years of Experience

For some decades now, our qualified team has provided numerous people with crowns and bridges. Crowns are sturdy porcelain tops that can be affixed to broken or jagged teeth. Bridges consist of replacement teeth that are anchored by crowns on both sides. Between these two products, we can make individual teeth shine and fill in gaps. You can have a full smile again.

Beautify Your Smile With Our Assistance Today

You might be surprised by what a difference a new crown or bridge can make for your mouth. It will do more than just complete your appearance. Having a full set of teeth is good for your overall dental and oral health. It makes it easier to chew food, to speak without impediments and to really enjoy life.

Visit Galloway Dental Care today to learn more about our crowns and bridges. We want to give your smile the finishing touch.